Our Purpose

The Social Liberal Forum exists to nurture and demonstrate progressive liberal values, working with social liberals across all political parties and none.

We challenge current inward-looking, pessimistic narratives, by offering credible solutions to society’s problems. These are based on the founding Beveridge principles that the welfare state should provide a safety net beneath which none shall fall but all can rise. 

We take action together and as individuals to increase social justice, to ensure that all citizens have access to the wealth, power and opportunity needed to maximise their talents to the full.

Above all, we emphasise freedom and fairness so that everyone, regardless of background, is free from conformity and social hardship.

The Forum's Director is Dr Ian Kearns and the SLF is governed by a constitution which is available to read here.

Social Liberal Forum Council

The Social Liberal Forum elects members to its governing council every two years.  A new election has just taken place and the results can be found here.


Social Liberal Forum Officers

The Council elects officers to oversea the administration of the SLF. At present the elected officers are as follows:

Director: Dr Ian Kearns

Chair: Ian Brodie-Brown

Deputy Chair: Louise Harris

Vice Chair, North: Paul Hindley

Treasurer: Gordon Lishman